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More than 2,500,000 families will lose a loved one this year. More than 20 million will be directly impacted by the death or imminent death of a friend or family member.


When families face the loss of a loved one and turn to the church leader for help, what do you do? CharitableGivingPRO™ is the answer.

A recent Nielson study of over 1,100 families revealed three important facts. Families facing a life transition do not know:

  • what to do
  • whom to turn to for help
  • how to stay organized

Many turn to their church family, but leaders are busy and resources are limited.

CharitableGivingPRO™ provides a co-branded microsite called MyEstateManager™ that attaches to your website and provides a web-based resource available to your congregation for free - helping with all stages of life transition. It also engages participants in topics from financial stewardship to creating a legacy to charitable giving.



CharitableGivingPRO™ offers valuable content:

  • planning: to ensure one's "house is in order" in case of unexpected death;
  • preparing: if life or the life of a loved one is nearing its end; and
  • managing: to work through the arduous process after death.

CharitableGivingPRO™ is a powerful turn-key solution:

  • the core: a co-branded microsite (MyEstateManager™) of best practices, such as "When is the best time to take the car keys away?" and "What are the five things you should know about hospice?"
  • touchpoint emails: providing an outreach campaign that ensures monthly contact and delivery of insights promoting life planning and giving - for example, "Everyone over 25 should have medical directives in place."
  • provider network: community-based businesses providing professional advice, support, and services.

CharitableGivingPROdelivers value:

  • congregations gain access to self-directed help to deal with life transitions
  • congregations gain access to services provided by local trusted advisors
  • church personnel gain a private branded, online life transitions guide
  • church remains "top of mind" for wills, bequests, and trusts
  • church receives ongoing revenue stream from sponsors and advertisers
  • church is equipped to shepherd the congregation on "being prepared"

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